Credit: Portrait Baptiste Lefebvre - ©Adrien Stella
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Baptiste Baptiste Lefebvre, freelance motion designer and art director

07 November 2023 Portraits
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Baptiste Lefebvre is a freelance Motion Designer and Art Director, having graduated from the Graphic Motion Designer course in 2018 and the Master's degree in Interactive Innovation Design and Management in 2021.

Specializing in the events sector, he creates visuals for concerts in collaboration with creative and video mapping studios. He has notably worked for Angèle, Stromae and Soprano.

What has been your career path since graduating in 2021?

I started out as a freelancer very slowly, continuing to work with the creative studio Cutback where I had done my two years of work-study during my master's degree.

I was lucky enough to work with them on live projects for concert visuals forAngèle, Stromae, JUL and Soprano.

After that, I started working with other design studios, while taking the time to develop and showcase personal projects.

I exhibited my Sensibilis project at the Grande Halle de la Villette, then at BOZAR in Brussels, and our graduation project ORCHA-103 (produced with Jonah Alle-Monne, Rémy Bourçois,Tristan Lemoigne and Émile Roch) was selected for the Bright Festival in Leipzig.

Most recently, I worked with Montreal studio Moment Factory on the AURA immersive experience in the dome of the Invalides.

You're a motion designer and art director specializing in events and video-mapping. What does your job involve?

First of all, I propose creative ideas adapted to the scenography or monument, as part of a team and under the direction of the creative directors (sketches, storyboards, reference research, moodboards, etc.) .

Once the tracks have been validated, each motion designer on the team is assigned to a title or sequence. I then take part in the production phase, which involves several media (2D or 3D animation, real time, live action...).

The final stage isintegration. I travel to the show site for several days to see the visuals in real-life conditions and make modifications on the spot, between dress rehearsals.

Seeing the show come to life before our very eyes, thanks to the lighting designers, dancers and musicians, is truly magical!

You worked with studio Cutback on the visuals for Angèle's track "Libre", for the Nonante-Cinq Tour. Can you tell us more about this experience?

Just after we finished integrating Stromae's Multitude Tour, Cutback was asked to work on some of the visuals for Angèle's Nonante-Cinq Tour.

For the title "Libre", the idea was toevoke a sense of freedom and power, with a scale relationship between Angèle in her superheroine costume, facing an immense blue planet.

I started by working on an animatic to match the camera movements to the music, then created a 3D blue planet with the help of the team.

During the green screen shoot with Angèle, I photographed the different positions we needed before integrating them in post-production.

We made the final adjustments in Reims during the dress rehearsals, then saw the show with the whole team a few weeks later at the U-Arena.

What project/experience has impressed you the most?

My first live experience with Stromae 's Multitude tour will stay with me for a long time!

I was lucky enough to be able to integrate this project right from the ideation phase. We had received the concert tracklist in advance, and we each had to propose a visual and narrative track to accompany each track.

The scenography was composed of 10 mobile screens, and we also had to propose the positions of the screens in the space with 3D simulations.

I was very honored to learn that two of the tracks I had proposed had been selected. So I continued to work on the tracks during the production phase with the whole team.

We spent twelve days in Brussels forintegration, following the concert rehearsals and making changes to the visuals. We set off with a great team, and the atmosphere was just right. It was very gratifying to see the reaction of the live audience during the Première!

What project are you currently working on?

Montreal studio Moment Factory contacted me to work on "AURA", a monumental immersive experience projected in the dome of the Invalides. It's a 50-minute show combining 360° video mapping, lights, lasers and spatialized orchestration.

I'm very grateful to have been able to work in this exceptional heritage site, surrounded by a talented team.

The show has just opened to the public, and it's one of the most ambitious projects I've ever worked on !

Where do you find inspiration?

Absolutely everywhere! Every experience can be a source of inspiration, and I remain attentive and open to everything I experience or see.

For me, travel is a concentrate of inspiration that I try to appropriate through photography or sketching. I'm particularly inspired by nature, architecture, electronic music, science fiction and digital installations.

Design festivals such as OFFF in Barcelona, le Motion + Design in Paris or le Motion Motion in Nantes are also great opportunities to learn more about artists' creative processes and meet new people. I leave these events with a lot of inspiration and motivation!

Finally, I group and archive all these references with tools like Pinterest or Miro, so that they remain accessible whenever I need them.

How do you choose your orders/collaborations?

I attach a lot of importance to the human aspect in my professional relationships. I feel like I'm back in school with some of the studios, and it's really nice to work in those conditions.

I chose to specialize in the events and cultural sector to focus on the experience and wonder of spectators. Feeling the emotions and reactions of the audience is for me the main motivation in this profession.


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