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Clément Grelaud: from interactive design to sound creation

21 November 2023 Portraits
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Graduating from the Bachelor Interactive Developer program in 2019, Clément Grelaud specializes in sound design and sound composition. He opened "Sound signature" a sound creation studio in 2022. He has notably collaborated with Hermès, Burgunder and Axel Aricato.

You graduated from the Bachelor Interactive Developer in 2019, what has been your career path since leaving school?

After graduating, I wanted to continue developing my technical and creative skills by adding a sound dimension, so I continued my studies atEnjmin with a Sound design option.

I've always been very sensitive to the sound aspect of digital and audiovisual projects, so it was an obvious choice for me to turn to sound, while maintaining a connection with images.

I then started working freelance and founded "Sound Signature", my own sound design studio , so that I could choose my projects and clients and have the opportunity to develop my own artistic direction.

What does your job involve?

I'm a composer and sound designer. The aim of composition and sound design is to understand the context and discourse around a visual and translate it into sound.

To do this, I carry out a very precise analysis of the environment, the visual ambience, the temporality and the dynamism of the video or image, so as to be able to enrich it with music and sound.The idea is to be able, at the end, to visualize the image by closing your eyes.

I work with sound emulation software as well as analog synthesizers and drum machines to create this whole world of sound.

You had already worked on the sound for your graduation video game "La Rose sans l'épine". Why did you decide to turn to sound design?

I was interested in the connection between image and sound. For me, sound creation is an integral part of the visual creation process, complementing the image. It's a very creative profession, and that's what I liked about it.

How did the GOBELINS training help you in your work?

The projects I'm offered are quite similar to those we worked on at GOBELINS. They are mainly 3D videos, gamified media orinteractive experiences.

The skills I acquired at GOBELINS were very useful: knowing how to work in a team, being fully immersed in a project...

The field is different, but the research process and working methods are quite similar. The Bachelor's degree at GOBELINS gave me a lot.

Have you ever worked with alumni on your projects?

It's an ongoing project, I' ll soon be working on a video game developed by alumni.

Several of my friends from school have also set up their own studios, and I'll be collaborating with them soon.

Which project has impressed you the most?

It's a project I did for the Axel Arigato shoe brand. I created thesound illustration and music for a 3D animation. I had to make sure that the sound and atmosphere were properly synchronized and that the musical ambience was coherent.

I really liked the aesthetics of this video and the technical and creative challenge it represented. It was complex to imagine a whole world of sound but I'm very pleased with the result.

What do you like best about your job?

I work on very different projects, both in terms of aesthetics and sector of activity. Customer expectations are never the same, it's a constant challenge. That's what I like most about my job.

Can you tell us one good memory from your years at GOBELINS?

We worked as a group on a prototyping project for the Hermès brand. We had to imagine an interactive 3D experience using clothes and accessories to present the brand's next fashion show.

We used one of the studios on the Saint Marcel campus to carry out photogrammetry and create 3D objects from existing ones. It was a great experience.

What advice would you give to a recent graduate?

Always be curious and open to others. It's really important to know how to work as part of a team. The circle you form at GOBELINS will stay with you throughout your professional and personal life, and that's invaluable.


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