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Pauline Guitton, from animation to comics

17 October 2023 Portraits
Published by Sophie JEAN
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Graduating from the Master in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking in 2021, Pauline Guitton is now a storyboard artist, animator and illustrator. In January 2023, she released her first comic strip, "SỐNG", co-signed with her friend Hai-Anh, about her mother's adolescence at the height of the Vietnam War.




What has been your career path since graduating in 2021?

I alternated between contracts as a storyboard artist andanimator, then took a break to devote myself entirely to SỐNG, my comic book due out in January 2023.


I then returned to intermittent contracts. I like being able to juggle studio contracts and more personal projects.




©Pauline Guitton

Pauline Guitton

Louise, did your graduation film (with Constance Bertoux, Camille Bozec, Pauline Mauvière and Mila Monaghan) help you make a name for yourself?

Louise was indeed a good showcase for the rest of the project, as it was for everyone in general.


To be able to invest so much time and effort in a short film for almost a year is quite complicated after school. The end-of-study film is therefore a good demo reel for the studios. It's anopportunity to really take care of and push our animations .


You illustrated the comic strip SỐNG written by your friend Hai-Anh. Can you tell us more about this project?

We've known each other since we were 10, and we've always wanted to do a project together. Hai-Anh loves writing, I love directing and drawing, and comics have been a passion of both of us since we were children, so this format seemed ideal for working as a duo.


SỐNG is a family story, a mother-daughter exchange, a search for one's own history to better understand an inheritance... These subjects work well in comics, as shown by Persepolis and MAUS.




Le dessin de couverture de "SỐNG",  d'Hai-Anh et Pauline Guitton

The cover design for "SỐNG", by Hai-Anh and Pauline Guitton

What project are you currently working on?

We've just completed, again with Hai-Anh, a 9-page mini story for Métal Hurlant magazine. The issue is due to appear in April 2024.


I've also started developing a comics project on my own, but I'm still in the early stages.


"SỐNG" - Hai-Anh et Pauline Guitton

"SỐNG" Hai-Anh and Pauline Guitton

You're currently a storyboard artist, animator and illustrator. Do you plan to devote yourself solely to illustration?

I don't think so. I like being able to alternate between contracts with studios and personal projects, ideally in comics.


It's great to be able to work as part of a team on other people's projects, meet new people and then get back to doing something of your own, in your own personal space.


Being able to alternate between technical and creative positions is one of the advantages of intermittent work!


Late Night Encounter - Pauline Guitton

Late Night Encounter - Pauline Guitton

Why did you decide to turn to comics?

I love comics; I've been reading them since I was a kid. When you come from an animation background, it seems a much simpler medium in which to tell a long story. Especially when you want to be able to work alone!




"SỐNG" - Hai-Anh et Pauline Guitton

"SỐNG" Hai-Anh and Pauline Guitton

Can you tell us a good memory of your studies at GOBELINS?

I was lucky enough to be part of a great class, and it was a pleasure to come to school every day.


I have particularly fond memories of the Annecy festival in our final year. The weather was great, we were finally starting to get out of COVID a bit, we were about to graduate... I must admit I didn't do many sessions that year ;)




"SỐNG" - Hai-Anh et Pauline Guitton

"SỐNG" Hai-Anh and Pauline Guitton

What advice would you give to a recent graduate?

Don't compare yourself to others, and don't overwork yourself to prove anything.


It's a passionate profession, but that's no excuse for burning out too quickly! Take care of yourself.




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