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Adeline Care, photographer of the strange

03 October 2023 Portraits
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Graduating from the Bachelor Photographe et Vidéaste in 2017, Adeline Care received numerous awards for "Aithō, je brûle", a multi-disciplinary project inspired by the lunar and rocky landscapes of Etna in Sicily. She is currently working on "Dordonha" her next series.




What has been your career path since graduating in 2017?

I started out mainly with still life photography and retouching. I'm now trying to work full-time on my projects and exhibit them afterwards. I divide my time between Paris and the Dordogne, whenever I can, to work on my next series, notably "Dordonha".




You won the Picto de la mode award in 2019 with your series "Aithō, je brûle", did this distinction help you make a name for yourself?

It was indeed a huge boost when I had just started this series. This visibility encouraged me to extend the project over 4 years and produce a book.




« Aithō, je brûle »

"Aithō, I'm burning" Adeline Care

" Aithō, je brûle" was then selected and awarded in many festivals, can you tell us more about this project?

It's a photographic tale depicting the disappearance of a human figure in a world of his own evaporating in the immensity of volcanic landscapes.


It's a multi-disciplinary project, part photographic exhibition, part video, which recently led to a book. My first idea was to make a short film, but over the months I spent on Sicily's volcanoes, photography came to play an increasingly important role, without neglecting the narrative dimension.




« Aithō, je brûle » Adeline Care 

"Aithō, I'm burning" Adeline Care

Your short film Soleil Noir (Black Sun) was selected for the FIFIB and the Coté court festival. Can you tell us more about the project?

"Soleil Noir" is a short film about the propagation of a strange sound in a Dordogne forest. The project was part of my final thesis at GOBELINS.


I wanted to explore cinema a little more, as this art form has always been an integral part of my approach, so I took the time to find my aesthetic, and above all to develop an exciting sound section.




"Black sun" Adeline Care

What are your influences? Where do you draw your inspiration?

I look at a lot of paintings to prepare my shoots, but I' m mainly inspired by cinema, particularly the films ofApichatpong Weerasthekuland Werner Herzog.


I'm not so much inspired by photography as by other visual arts, although I love the work of Graciela Iturbide and Masao Yamamoto.




What do you like best about your job?

I love looking for places that might inspire me. My projects often start fromplaces that contain a magic that I try to capture.




"West Lake Tales Adeline Care

How would you define your aesthetic?

Generally speaking, I work around the motifs of appearance and disappearance. I try to capture the strangeness of the real in most of my projects.




Do you work exclusively with film?

For my personal projects, I always work in film, yes! It was at GOBELINS that I was able to experiment with it for the first time. Little by little, it's become my only tool , because it accentuates the magic I'm looking for.


When it comes to video, I work with digital, but I also dream of shooting in film one day.




"Home scale " Adeline Care

Which project has had the greatest impact on you?

"Aithō, je brûle" really made an impression on me, beyond the fact that I was photographing in incongruous places (volcanoes, lava tunnels, caves), it was a series that allowed me to confront myself for the first time with a long-term project in all its forms (exhibition, book, video) and to explore what I really wanted to make people feel in photography.




What project are you currently working on?

I've just finished the artwork for my book "Aithō, je brûle" and I'm looking to publish it. I'm also working on a brand new project, "Dordonha", in which I explore the Dordogne region through the mysticism that emanates from it and the people who inhabit it.




"Dordonha" Adeline Care 

"Dordonha" Adeline Care

Where can we see your work next?

At the moment I'm exhibiting at the International Photography Exhibition in Dali, China. Next month a screening of "Aithō, je brûle" is scheduled at the Grande Halle de la Villette during the Nuit de la photographie on October 7. For the rest of the year, some of my prints can be seen at the Studio Artera showroom in Paris.




Maquette du livre "Aithō, je brûle"

Model of the book "Aithō, je brûle" (I'm burning)

Can you give us one good memory of your three years at GOBELINS?

During my last year of study, we organized an exchange with several students from the Hangzhou Fine Arts School in China. I loved our joint project, based around a huge lake that stretched right out into the middle of the city. The confrontation between lush nature and the immense metropolis was impressive.




What advice would you give to a recent graduate?

I'd simply recommend continuing to search, to experiment, to try and build a world of your own. Above all, don't hesitate to make mistakes- that's when you learn the most.




Interview by Sophie Jean

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