Supporting the school

GOBELINS is a committed brand.

We have a societal role to play in image education! because it's our talents, You - the GOBELINS community - who give meaning to the images of today and tomorrow.

" GOBELINS' ambition is to train committed talents capable of translating the complexity of the world into images. In the service of French creative excellence, they build agile, innovative and inspiring solutions to help companies become more competitive.

To enable the school to grow, to constantly innovate, to remain at the cutting edge, ... choose to support :


GOBELINS wants to encourage the emergence of new talent in all its fields of expertise, worldwide.

The cost of education should not be a barrier! That's why we're developing a scholarship fund that will enable everyone to train, grow and dare, while managing their studies with peace of mind. Social grants, excellence grants, mobility grants, emergency grants...

23% of our students benefit from a GOBELINS scholarship.

Watch video testimonials from our scholarship students


Our creations require new technologies and infrastructures, and we are particularly ambitious in terms of investment. Research chairs in dataviz, immersive experiences, hardware (creative tablets, VR goggles, render farm ... launch of an E-Academy in animated film, motion design and video games ... There's no shortage of projects.

How to finance?

As a company, you can become a sponsor or partner and become a player in the Community. We formalize our common objectives and commitments in an agreement.

If you are an individual, you can also make a donation in support of equal opportunities and educational and technological innovation. You can also leave it up to GOBELINS to decide how to allocate your donation, according to the funding needs of its projects.

What are the tax deductions?

For companies subject to corporate income tax, the donation is deductible up to 60% within the limit of 0.5% of the company's sales.

For individuals: 66% of the amount of your donation is deductible up to 20% of net taxable income (Article 200 of the C.G.I.).