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« GOBELINS' ambition is to train commited artists, able to translate the complexity of the world into images, serving creative excellence "à la française", so companies can innovate and increase competitiveness. »

Nathalie Berriat, Director of GOBELINS


Since its creation, GOBELINS, l’école de l’image grows creative freedom at the service of companies. Recognized for its know-how in the image trades, its mission is to instruct commited talents.



Scholarship Fund

Scholarship in favor of equal opportunity

GOBELINS wishes to promote each talent in all its fields of expertise: animation, photography, graphic or interactive design, plurimedia and printed communication. It intensifies its politic to award grants to high potential students from modest backgrounds, wether French or foreign.
Developing a scholarship fund will increase social diversity and enable access to outstanding formations.


Mobility scholarships

Our ambition is to help each student to gain international experience during their studies.Mobility scholarships are awarded for school projects as part of training periods in or outside Europe.

In addition, GOBELINS wishes to offer to the best international talents a chance to follow its trainings. For instance, the ANIMA MEXICO scholarship, funded by Guillermo del Toro and Cinépolis, finance training fees and living expenses of Mexican students during their 2-year long master of Arts in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking.

GOBELINS offers its donors to finance scholarships that will help a student througout his studies.

Academy Awards Race: Support A Film

From studio to the golden statuette, this is a long journey.

Among our animated shorts, some may compete and win an Academy Award; as "OKTAPODI" which was nominated in 2009. To produce such movies, a great budget is needed... GOBELINS provides expertise and means to students: teachers, guest speakers, alumni network. However, it is not enough to face blockbuster productions from professional studios. Whereas a standard animated short costs 250 000 €, GOBELINS' ones will cost nearly 70 000 €.

Festivals' submissions (including those giving access to the Oscars), human and technic means, travels, specialised lobbying and accreditations: all are necessary on the road to the Oscars.
Supporting a film lets you prove your trust and confidence of GOBELINS' international reach, and beyond, French touch in animation.