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How do you develop your business as a freelancer in the creative professions?

24 October 2023 Events
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Which status is most advantageous? How do I set my prices? How do I find and canvass customers? How do I build a network? These are just some of the questions you might ask yourself if you want to start a freelance business, or if you've already been freelancing for several years.

Our three guests, Ariane Butto, freelance illustrator, Alice Des, freelance artist and former illustrators' agent, and Manon Taillefer, consultant, art director and coach to freelance entrepreneurs (and GOBELINS alumnus), took a look at all the issues that can arise when working as a freelance creative.

They shared their experiences and advice ata round table dedicated to creative freelancing, organized on Thursday September 28 by the GOBELINS Alumni network and the Mariettes .The event was moderated by Caroline, co-founder of Les Mariettes.

Our three guests:

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Ariane Butto has been an illustrator since January 2018. She is also a ceramics designer.

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Alice Desis a freelance artist and illustrator. She began her career in communications, then became an illustrator's agent after meeting Morgane Le François, head of the La Suite Illustration agency.

In 2019, she decided to launch herself as an illustrator. Since then, she has collaborated with brands and the press. She also presents more personal work (gouache and ceramics) at slow galerie in Paris.

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Manon Taillefercompleted GOBELINS' Graphic Motion Designer course in 2016. She now teaches freelancing courses at the school.

She began her career as an art director in start-ups before setting up her own business.

Today, she accompanies freelance artists as a coach and consultant.


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