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Enter ARTE's short-film competition

30 November 2023 Professional news
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Court-circuit,ARTE's short film magazine, is organizing ananimated short film competitionfor students at film schools and universities in French-speaking countries.



The competition

Films submitted must have been made between January 1, 2022 and May 06, 2024, and must not exceed 10 minutes (including credits).

If you haven't already submitted your film, you have until May 06, 2024 to register and enter it in the competition.

Two jury prizes and two Internet user prizes will be awarded from June 10, 2024. The first, the "ARTE Prize", will be awarded by a jury of professionals, with the prize including thepurchase and broadcast of the short film on ARTE and the acquisition of the film's broadcasting rights by Cliclic for the entire Centre region.




10 films made by alumni or students are already in the running, and you can support them by voting for the Internet users' prize.


Voting is open until June 10, 2024.




Hacerse a la mar

Hacerse a la mar ("take to the sea" in Spanish) is a short film combining live action and 2D animation. While a voice-over tackles the question of forgiveness in religion, an anonymous character seems to want to escape the sweater that constrains him.



Go Fishboy

"Go Fishboy" by Denise Cirone, Sebastian Doringer, Andrey Kolesov, Chia-yu Liu, Zhen Tian and Lan Zhou (Animated Film Designer and Director, Class of 2022)

A respected chef from a lineage of sushi makers attempts to connect with his son through the shared knowledge of the family trade. Tensions arise as he begins to notice a strange pattern of behavior in the young boy.
Funeral at nine

"Funeral at Nine" Mamadou Barry, Rodrigo Veras, Ziyu Wang, Junhao Xiang, Wang Yu and Linfeng Zhou (Animation Designer and Director, Class of 2022)

In a small town, a funeral is organized after the death of a gardener. On the day of the funeral, three brothers let their imaginations run wild.




Gloire amère

"Bitter Glory 40000" by Vincent Pistien, Armand Goxe, Florian De Chelle, Marine Corbineau, Alexis Maurice, Tom Rameauxand Valentin Giuili(Animated Film Designer and Director, Class of 2022)

After completing her quest, an immortal warrior returns home to her family. She realizes that nothing is as it used to be, and must find a purpose for her new life.

Hôtel nuit noire

"Hôtel Nuit Noire" by Vincent Albert, Neïl Dieu, Malo Doucet, May Taraud and Marie Toury (Animation Designer and Director, class of 2022)

What if it were possible to find each other in our dreams? One night, three characters meet by chance in a dream hotel. Together, they must find a way to break the loop of their torments and find themselves at the end of the dream.




Vulvine reine d'extase

"Vulvine Reine d'Extase" by Clémence André, Nawel Bahamou, Ming Chieh Chang, Théo Guyotand Mariia Yanko (Animated Film Designer and Director, Class of 2022)

A queen languishing in a desert kingdom falls in love with Death, with whom she begins a carnal relationship. This morbid union becomes an obsession for her; an obsession that will lead to her downfall...



Thaba Ye

"Thaba Ye" by Daria Batueva, Preetam Dhar, Merel Hamers, Hannah Judd, Mogau Kekana and Leroy Le Roux (Animated Film Designer and Director, Class of 2022)

In the shadow of a mysterious mountain in a remote region of South Africa, where the legends of the local Bapedi people say that those who go there never return, Thato must face her fears to save her sick brother.


Last Summer

"Last Summer" by Nicola Bernardi, Alessandra De Stefano, Gabriela Lewandowska, Chloé Van Becelaere, Camille Van Delft and Elodie Xia (Animated Film Designer and Director, Class of 2022)

As the end of summer approaches, Ren's childhood friends prepare to leave for university. He struggles to write the lyrics to their last song.



La Quête de l'humain

"La Quête de l'humain" by Mélina Ienco, Lucie Juric, Caroline Leibel, Faustine Merleand Claire Pellet: (Animated Film Designer and Director, Class of 2022)

In a fantasy world, a griffin embraces his destiny and embarks on a fabulous epic in search of a legendary creature: the Human.




"Ephémère" by Nisrine Oulalite (Bachelor Graphiste Motion Designer, class of 2023).

Surfing at the heart of matter, the body mingles with the sea.



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