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Three Oscar nominations for Flee

17 February 2022 Awards
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After a selection at Cannes and more than 70 awards in festivals including the Cristal for Feature Film at Annecy and the Grand Prize in the Sundance Documentary Competition, Flee was nominated for an Oscar in three categories: Animated Feature Film, Documentary and International Feature Film. 


The film was co-produced by Sun Creature, a studio co-directed by three Gobelins alumni : Charlotte de la Gournerie , Guillaume Dousse and Thibault Petitpas (all three from the class of 2013). 


Amin, a high-achieving academic, plans his marriage with his long-time boyfriend - but first, he needs to come to terms with the secrets he has been keeping for 25 years. Amin fled Afghanistan as a child and spent five years hiding in post-communist Russia, before he finally arrived in Denmark at age 16, alone. Forced to persist under the cover of a story pressured on him by human traffickers, he began a life cut off from all previous ties. Having hidden his true identity for too long and fading in his present one, Amin finally shares his story with a close friend, in order to reclaim his past and become whole again.


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