Credit: Naledi - "Avec ou sans vous"
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Join the fundraising campaign launched by "Avec ou sans vous" to finance their film "Naledi".

15 May 2024 Alumni News
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" Avec ou sans vous " is a production company created by Aristote Douroudakis and Valentin Maupin (LGPA class of 2021).

Passionate about animation in all its forms, they produce a variety of projects, some of which are led by former students of the school, such as Diego Filiosand Christian Arrendendo (class of 2020) and Merel Hamers and Leroy Leroux (class of 2022).

Directed by South African filmmaker Lola Aikins, "Naledi" features a creative team from GOBELINS, including Lesego Voster (class of 2018) as art director and Valentin and Aristote as producers.

The film

"Naledi" is a ten-minute2D animated short that follows an athlete who must mourn the loss of her father in order to regain her self-confidence, finish her race and get on with her life.

The film is directly inspired by the director's personal story of coping with the death of her grandfather and ending her sporting career following an injury.


The film is an invitation to resilience, showing how grief can be a hindrance if you can't overcome it.

"Naledi" was also born of thedirector's love of sport and animation , and the team's desire to highlight African women, who have always dominated athletics but are rarely represented, particularly in animation.





The film script is complete and storyboarding is underway. The team has already raised €20,000 thanks to the South African government's production aid fund and €14,0000 thanks to the crowdfunding campaign.


Their aim now is to reach a first milestone of €20,000 and then reach their final goal of €50,000.




Naledi - Avec ou sans vous

How to contribute

If you'd like to support the project, you've got until Monday May 27 to contribute to the Kickstarter, in exchange for various rewards (wallpaper, poster, film download, artbook, master class, studio visit...).


You can also comment, like and repost posts about the film on the film's various networks: Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.


You can also use the hashtag #NalediFilm to spread the word about the campaign.


The funding will be used to complete the short film and pay the entire team.




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