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9 alumni projects presented at the Annecy Festival

06 June 2024 Alumni News
Published by Sophie JEAN
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"Angelo dans la forêt mystérieuse", "Moi, moche et méchant 4", "Arcane", "Dead Cells" the films, series and Work In Progress presented by GOBELINS alumni at the 48th Annecy Festival, June 9-15, 2024 .




Angelo dans la forêt mystérieuse

"Angelo in the mysterious forest

"Angelo dans la forêt mystérieuse" by Alexis Ducord

The second feature film byAlexis Ducord (a graduate of theDessinateur d'animation program in 2000), co-directed with Vincent Parronaud ,is presented in the official competition .


Several alumni also worked on the film, including Nicolas Pawlowski (Animator class of 2000), Étienne Mattera (Master in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking class of 2007) and David Canoville (Animation Designer class of 2001) on storyboarding, Coline Veith (Computer Graphics Animator class of 2004) and Sarah Colmet-daäge (Animation Designer and Director class of 2013) on animation, and Luciano LEPINAY (Animation Designer class of 1998) on art direction.


This is the second time Alexis Ducord has been selected in the feature film category, having previously presented "Zombillénium", co-directed with Arthur de Pins, in 2017. The film was also nominated for a César.


Angelo, 10, dreams of being an adventurer and explorer. Until the day he and his family set off in the car to visit his beloved and ailing Grandma, when he is suddenly challenged to prove his courage: forgotten by mistake at a freeway service area, Angelo decides to cut through the forest to get to Grandma's house. He then plunges into a mysterious territory populated by strange beings threatened by an enemy even worse than the local ogre...




moi moche et méchant 4

"Despicable Me 4

"DespicableMe 4" by Patrick Delage

For this emblematic fourthIllumination opus, Patrick Delage, who graduated from the animation program in 1988, takes over from Pierre Coffin (class of 1992).


Thefilm, co-directed with Chris Renaud, is presented in competition, as part ofthe event screenings .

Patrick Delage worked as animation director on "Asterix: The Domain of the Gods","Like Beasts "and the two parts of "Tous en scène".


The film will be released in cinemas on July 10.


Gru, Lucy and the girls, Margo, Edith and Agnès, welcome the youngest member of the family, Gru Junior, who seems to have only one passion: to drive his father crazy. But Gru is confronted by a new enemy, Maxime le Mal, who, with the help of his girlfriend, the fatal Valentina, is going to force the whole family to flee.



La vie de chateau - le fantôme de Versailles

La vie de château - The Phantom of Versailles

Palace life
"The ghost of Versailles

The episode "Le fantôme de Versailles",from the series "La vie de château", hasbeen selected in the "Films de télévision" category .


The series is produced by Lionel Massol ( Audiovisual Production Management, class of 2008), co-founder with Pauline Seigland (class of 2007) of Films Grand Huit.


Malcolm will do anything to make Régis and Olga fall in love, but Violette has a more important mission: to find her missing mouse. In the secret recesses of Versailles, she has an unexpected and frightening encounter: Louis XIV himself.



La Rivière à l'envers

"La Rivière à l'envers

"La Rivière à l'envers" by
Paul Leluc

Paul Leluc (animation artist, class of 2002), will present the development stages of his series "La Rivière l'envers", adapted from the novels by Jean-Claude Mourlevat , during a Work In Progress session.

Television director Paul Leluc has already produced several series ("Loup", "Les Grandes grandes vacances", "Grabouillon" and "Le Monde de Mahé") and a TV movie ("Grabouillon et le trésor du capitaine Ném-Os").


The story of two intersecting quests: that of Hannah, who wants to collect a drop from the Qjar River to save her bird, and that of Tomek, who wants to satisfy his desire for adventure. The two quests follow one another, intertwine and finally complement one another.



That Christmas

"That Christmas

"That Christmas" by Simon Otto

The first feature-length film by Simon Otto (animatorpromo 1997), "That Christmas" is scripted by Richard Curtis ("Four Weddings and a Funeral", "Love Actually", "Yesterday"...) and inspired by his series of children's books. 


Simon Otto will be joining Richard Curtis to present the film as part of Netflix's Work in Progress.


Chief animator, director and storyboard artist, Simon Otto's credits include the Dragons trilogy and the "Love, Death & Robots" series.


This Christmas story focuses on a number of intersecting narratives revolving around love and loneliness, family and friends, and Santa Claus making a serious mistake - not to mention an astronomical amount of turkeys!



"Arcane " saison 2

"Arcane" season 2


Barthélémy Maunoury, Creative Director at Fortiche Productions and a2004 graduate of the Animateur Infographiste program , will take us behind the scenes of season 2 of Arcane, the series based onthe League of Legends video game universe , for a "Making Off" session .






"Wagtail" by Lucrèce Andreae

Lucrèce Andreae (Master in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking class of 2010) will present the pitch for "Bergeronnette", her next feature-length film.


"Trois petits points", her graduation film made with Alice Dieudonne, Tracy Nowocien, Florian Parrot, Ornélie Prioul and Rémy Schaepman, won the Special Jury Prize in 2011.


She also won the César for short film in 2018 with her film "Pépé le morse".


She has also published "Flipette et Vénère" , a comic strip selected at Angoulême in 2021.

Pierre will be a shepherd, like his father. Serious and authoritarian. But he's just the opposite! So at night, he sneaks off to get a breath of fresh air from a good woman with a temper. What if, deep down, he's a bit of a witch?




"Dead Cells"

"Dead Cells

"Dead Cells" by Gaspard Sumeire

Graduating from the Master in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking class of  2013, Gaspard Sumeire will present the "Dead Cells: Immortalis" series, adapted from the video game of the same name, in the company of the Bobbypills andADN teams during a special Focus Studio session .
He'll be joined byAnaïs Chevillard (Animator - Specializing in 3D Character Animation, class of 2005), the series' Lead Storyboard .

Gaspard Sumeire notably directed season 6 of "Kassos ", and worked as Lead Artist and Layout Lead Artist on the "Vermin"and " Monsieur Flap"series.


The series will be broadcast on the ADN platform from June 19.


On a cursed island plagued by a strange plague called the Mal-Être, a king has his alchemists develop a remedy to save his people from the disease... but the remedy turns the kingdom's inhabitants into monsters! He then decides to create an army using this famous remedy, but the situation soon spirals out of control...




"Mr. Bagwan"

"Mr. Bagwan" 

"Mr. Bagwan" bye Alfredo Gerard Kuttikatt

Graduating from the Master of Arts Character Animation & Animated Filmmaking in 2020 Alfredo Gerard Kuttikatt will be pitching his TV show “Mr.Bagwan”. 

La Bestia”, his graduation film directed with Marlijn Van Nuenene and Ram Tamez, won the Annie Awards for “Best Student Film” in 2021. 



Mr. Bagwan is an action-comedy about a God stuck in the life of an ordinary man in Mumbai. He loves Indian food but hates the humans who created it. When his quiet life is threatened, he plans an extinction on Earth but, as a god, he can't kill humans.




This 2024 edition will also be an opportunity to discover the 10 short films made by students of the Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking (class of 2024) on the theme of Portugal, screened exclusively before each session throughout the festival, and to exchange ideas with the school teams present at the festival .




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