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Morgane Rocheteau, immersive experience designer and co-founder of Ykser

12 June 2024 Portraits
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Graduating from the Master Design et Management de l'Innovation Interactive in 2023, Morgane Rocheteau has just created Ykser, a startup specialized in the production, design and development of immersive experiences in extended reality, in association with Grégoire Clamart. Here's a look back at how the studio came into being.

Could you summarize your career path since graduating from your Master's degree in Interactive Innovation Design and Management?

After a bachelor's degree in Web Design and Graphic Communication, I wanted to return to my initial passion: audiovisuals, art and entertainment. So I enrolled in the Interactive Design and Innovation Management Master's program at GOBELINS.


I spent my two-year work-study period at the Tamanoir immersive studio, where I discovered theworld of immersive installation and scenography, with the studio's productions combining performing arts, video games and audiovisuals.


Following serious health problems just after graduation, I had to put my professional aspirations on hold. After several months off, I met Grégoire Clamart, my associate, at Immersity, an event dedicated to extended reality in Angoulême.


Over the course of our discussions, it became clear that we needed to develop a project together. That's how Ykser was born , our startup specializing in the design and production of immersive experiences in extended reality.




" A quelques pas du monde " Tamanoir studio - ⓒ Jordan Anefalos 

"A quelques pas du monde" - Tamanoir studio - ⓒ Jordan Anefalos

Can you tell us more about the projects you've worked on for Tamanoir Immersive Studio?

Tamanoir has given me a lot, both in terms of knowledge and creativity, and in terms of human experience. They gave me the chance to work on such magnificent projects as " À Quelques Pas du Monde ", exhibited at the Palais Garnier in Paris. This collective musical experience was designed by Paolo Morvan using an immersive audio device.


I also had the opportunity to take part in the " Unplug Bar " project, an immersive bar located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The bar opened in October 2023 and offers an unusual experience based on immersive visual experiments to give visitors the sensation of entering another universe for the time of a drink.


I loved being part of this project, both for the artistic direction, the scenography and the overall universe rooted in Paris.




"Unplug Bar" - Studio Tamanoir - ⓒ thetravelbuds 

"Unplug Bar" - Studio Tamanoir - ⓒ thetravelbuds

You've just presented your startup Ykser at VivaTech. Can you tell us more about this project?

Our participation at Viva Tech was an opportunity to begin a first phase of canvassing and generating commercial leads for our startup.


Our aim was twofold: to show that we were present and ready to take on new technical, artistic and creative challenges, and to present our concept of a mixed reality experience for cultural and tourist venues.




Logo Ykser

Ykser logo

What project(s) are you currently working on?

We're focused on developing our first project, "Eidospace", an immersive, narrative experience for cultural and tourist venues to enable them to attract new audiences, using emerging technologies.


We're always on the lookout for partner venues to develop our offer, so don't hesitate to contact us on Instagram or LinkedIn!


We are also currently developing "Ekko", an interactive game , and "Fovea", an immersive experience.






Can you tell us more about Ykser's feminist and social ecology values?

Through our work, we are keen to contribute to the fight against gender inequality. Our duo was born of this desire for diversity.


Our projects are designed and developed with social inclusion and cohesion in mind.


Our concept also aims to avoid excessive use of energy resources, and we plan to donate part of our profits to associations fighting to protect the environment.


Our aim is to demonstrate that the tech professions can support ecology, education and feminism.






You work on mixed reality (MR) immersive journeys, virtual reality (VR) video games and interactive works with intelligent projections. Can you tell us about these types of projects?

We each have a distinct expertise.


Grégoire excels in designing interactive and playful experiences using VR/MR headsets, while I specialize in creating immersive experiences using smart projection and interactive design.


Our aim is touse mixed reality to merge the real and the virtual, and demonstrate that virtual reality headsets like Meta's Quest can be used in our everyday environment.



The studio will also enable us to further develop " Fovea ", the end-of-study project I developed with Leith Ben Abdessalem, Julie Pereira and Pierre Pinto de Olivera . It's animmersive interactive installation project that uses the space and volume in which the user moves, and for which we created our own CAVE (Cave automatic virtual environment) system.


Logo Ykser


Can you tell us a good memory of your studies at GOBELINS?

My two years at this school have been nothing short of magical, and I've been lucky enough to have a wonderful, human class packed with talent!


I have many memories that come to mind, but the one I remember most is the first day and the meeting with my class. I don't know if they'll read this interview, but I'd like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.


I was under a lot of stress, afraid of disappointing and not fitting in. But they proved me wrong. I had my place, as did they, and we moved forward together.


Everyone contributed to creating an environment where I could blossom and give the best of myself. I 'mdeeply grateful tothem and to Mathieu Ehrsam, our mentor.


It became a real family with whom I shared unforgettable moments and stimulating challenges.




What advice would you give to a young graduate?

Be bold enough to achieve what you want without fear of failure. The most important thing is to try; no one else will do it for you.

If you feel capable of launching your own business, go for it!

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