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Camille Méhu (class of 2020, CRFA) is nominated for the France Bleu comic book award

01 June 2022 Awards
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Filles uniques by the duo Beka, illustrated by Camille Méhu (CRFA, class of 2020) has been selected for the France Bleu comic book prize, organized in collaboration with ActuaBD. The 10 selected albums highlight young talents of the Youth / Teen comic.



Credits: Filles uniques, Dargaud



Apolline, Céleste, Chélonia and Sierra are students in the same high school. They are left out by the others, sometimes even harassed. One day, Chélonia suggests that they create a club for the "misfits", to welcome "the weird girls, the loners, the rejected". It would allow them to break their solitude and become stronger.




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