Credit: Immersion Gaming en Asie du Sud-Est 2023
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Call for entries: Immersion Gaming in Southeast Asia 2023

08 September 2023 Professional news
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Organized in partnership with the French Embassy in Singapore and the French Institute of Indonesia, Immersion Gaming in Southeast Asia 2023 is an exploratory mission program in Southeast Asia dedicated to French video game professionals.

The mission will take place between Bali and Singapore from October 9 to 21, to coincide with two major trade shows in the region: Indonesian Game Developer Exchange ("IGDX") in Bali (October 11 to 13) and Gamescom Asia in Singapore (October 19 to 22).

The aim is to enable video game professionals (studios, publishers, distributors, etc.) to discover the world of gaming in Southeast Asia andidentify opportunities in the region.

The mission will take place in two stages over ten days, with a first trip to Indonesia (Oct. 10 to 16) and then a second to Singapore (Oct. 17 to 21 ), in order to multiply the opportunities for encounters and discoveries. Stays can be fully or partially paid for.

If you are interested, please contact the Institut français d'Indonésie before Tuesday September 12.


David Pata, in charge of cultural and creative industries at the French Institute of Indonesia - French Embassy in Indonesia:


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