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Animation: two calls for applications in November

26 October 2023 Professional news
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In November, apply for a residency at Fontevraud Abbey, or submit an application to CITIA's animation fund.




Vue de l'Abbaye royale de Fontevraud

View of the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud © A. Pilot, NEF Animation

Call for applications for a residency at Fontevraud in April 2024

Applications for the April 2024 residency at Abbaye de Fontevraud are now open.


Please note that the call is only open to artists of French nationality or living in France. The call for foreign artists or artists living abroad will be published in early 2024.


Co-produced by NEF Animation andAbbaye de Fontevraud, with the support of Région Pays de la Loire, DRAC des Pays de la Loire, CNC, SACD and the French Ministry of Culture's Odyssée program (ACCR ), the residency offers artists the opportunity to immerse themselves in their work for a month, and to exchange ideas with each other.


It is aimed at writers and directors who already have a project for a short or feature-length film,art installation, VR, TV series or unit, or animated documentary.


The residency is particularly aimed at the research, pre-development and writing stages.

Applications are accepted until November 27, 2023.




Les 5 lauréats 2023 : "T’Choupi à la campagne", "1001 Mondes Antiques", "Le Corset", "Les jeux de la fontaine", "Ki & Hi".

The 5 2023 winners: "T'Choupi à la campagne", "1001 Mondes Antiques", "Le Corset", "Les jeux de la fontaine", "Ki & Hi".

CITIA animation support fund

CITIA organizes the International Animation Film Festival and the MIFA. It also contributes to the development of the Images and Creative Industries sector by providing support to companies in the animation industry.


It is responsible for the operational follow-up and implementation of the Fonds de soutien aux œuvres d'animation, initiated by the Haute-Savoie department, with the support of the CNC.


The €700,000 fund is designed to encourage the development of projects in Haute-Savoie. It concerns projects for short and feature films , as well as TV series and single films.


Please note that the fund is intended for delegated producers of audiovisual and cinematographic works. To be eligible, their productions must be based in Haute-Savoie, in whole or in part (human and/or technical resources).


The following projects were eligible in 2023: "T'Choupi à la campagne", "1001 Mondes Antiques", "Le Corset", "Les jeux de la fontaine", "Ki & Hi".

Applications are open until November 17, 2023.




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