Credit: Walk Cycle - Buck Design
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Two designs by Léa Zhang selected for the Design in Motion Festival in the Netherlands on October 6th !

30 September 2022 Alumni News
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The Design in Motion festival promotes motion design in all its shapes and forms. It will be held across the Netherlands on Thursday 6 October


More than 800 motions, divided into 9 different categories, will be projected throughout the country for 24 hours, on more than 5,000 giant screens located in train stations, subways, shopping malls, airports and avenues of major cities.


Two motions by Léa Zhang (Motion Designer, class of 2020) will be screened during this event : Walk Cycle (a collective realization of the Buck design studio, initiated and directed by Léa, in collaboration with Rasmus Stenberg, Anna Moessnang, Yana Abramova, Andrés Cuevas, Simon Buijs, Christo Silveira, Sonal Jadhav and Fabrizio Lenci) and Spring.  


Congratulations to Léa ! 




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