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11 March 2024 Professional news
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PANEURAMA is a pan-European innovation alliance of animation, media arts & cultural creative industries. GOBELINS is an associated partner in this project.


PANEURAMA holds 2-week summer labs to support the development of highly creative, imaginative, skilled, and innovative future professionals in animation.


This year, the team has invited GOBELINS students and recent graduates(class 2020 to 2023 only) to participate in two workshops this summer. Each workshop lasts two weeks and is free of charge to participants. In addition, travel and lodging expenses will be covered by PANEURAMA.


The PANEURAMA Innovation Labs are designed to inspire creativity, foster innovation, build networks with peers and mentors, and equip you with the skills you need to succeed in the dynamic world of animation, game development, and visual effects. You'll be taught by some of the industry leaders, trainers, mentors, industry professionals, and frontrunners at the labs.





Animating! Acting!! Drama!!! - August 5th August 19th

The first workshop will be led by Alexis Wanneroy from Studio Fortiche (a 2003 graduate of Les Gobelins).


The workshop will be held at the University College of Denmark.


Step into the world of animation, drama, and acting together with Fortiche Productions, the creators of Arcane, as you explore the power of storytelling through visual media. Participants will be invited to investigate and develop the techniques and skills required for producing advanced animated acting for realistic drama with humanoid characters.




PANEURAMA Innovation lab - NXT GEN LAB

Nxt Gen Lab - August 19th - August 31s

The workshop will be held at Breda University of Applied Science in The Netherlands.


Experience the future of media production in our Nxt Gen Lab together with trainers, mentors, and industry professionals alongside the faculty of Breda University of Applied Sciences!


Working collaboratively in production teams, participants will be tasked with developing 15-30 seconds of digital content, incorporating Real-time engines, AI, or Virtual Production in their development. Thematically, participants will be asked to address important societal challenges given by an NGO client.




The deadline for applications is May 15.

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