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Les Bad Guys by Pierre Perifel (class of 2005), 1st Dreamworks animation film directed by a Frenchman

07 April 2022 Alumni News
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The Bad Guys, the new animated film from Dreamworks Studios was released yesterday in French theaters. It is the first feature film of Pierre Perifel (class of 2005) and the first Hollywood animation film to be directed by a Frenchman! 

Pierre Perifel was first noticed by Dreamwork thanks to his graduation film. He will join the Californian studio only a few years later in 2008, preferring to devote himself, at first, to 2D.


he spent most of his career at the studio, alongside Kristof Serrand, another former Gobelins. He started as a character animator, notably on Kung Fu Panda or Shrek 4, he then became an animation supervisor, animation director, then storyboarder and finally director.


He signed his first short film in 2018, Bilby, which will be presented at the closing of the Annecy Festival the same year and pre-selected for the Oscars in 2019. 



Les Bad Guys Pierre Perifel

Les Bad Guys 



Inspired by the best-selling children's book series of the same name, The Bad Guys, features a band of animal criminals who are on the verge of committing their most heinous misdeed: becoming respectable citizens. But after years of incalculable misdeeds, those who have become without question the most wanted villains in the world, finally get arrested. Mr. Wolf makes a deal (which he obviously has no intention of honoring) to save himself and his friends from years in prison: the Bad Guys will become honourable.


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Léo VAILLANT (BAC Pro RPIP Graphic Production Option, 2021)
2 years ago
Selon Isabella amatrice de films à mes côtés elle a dit que ce film avait l'air exceptionnelle. Bravo à M. Perifel.

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