Credit: Novae, Lab 212
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"Novae" the latest installation by the Lab 212 collective is on display at the MISK Art Institute

14 October 2022 Alumni News
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Novae project was created by Nicolas Guichard and Béatrice Lartigue, two alumni of the Multimedia Designer and Producer program (class of 2008), in collaboration with the poet Prince Badr bin Abdolmohsen Al Saud. Novae is a cosmic light and sound installation. 


It is part of the Tales of Nostalgia exhibition at the Misk Art Institute in Riyadh, which features a series of artworks by 12 artists that "explore, critique and blur the boundaries between our philosophies of memory and nostalgia."


"Novae sketches an endless space, inhabited by hundreds of stars. Light pulses slowly evolve and draw trajectories in the darkness. As time passes, the wind gently rises. The intensity of the light diminishes further, raindrops are heard, time seems suspended. A feeling of well-being and eternity overwhelms us, the firmament now contemplates us. Between sky and earth, Novae explores cosmogonies - the formation of celestial objects in a constantly expanding universe". 


Tales of Nostalgia

from October 02, 2022 to January 15, 2023
MISK Art Institute, Riyad, SAU





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