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For the 2nd year in a row, GOBELINS exhibits a work at the Palais Augmenté festival

01 June 2022 School news
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Palais Augmenté, the first festival dedicated to artistic creation in augmented reality and immersive cultural innovations is back for the Grand Palais éphémère


The festival, an initiative of Fisheye and the Rmn - Grand-Palais, has the ambition of being a real review of technological innovations related to culture.


This year again GOBELINS is part of the program with LOV'BOB, a work imagined and realized by the students under the direction of Philomène Mercuri (Bachelor Video Game class 2022) who led the project. 








Bob is an animal-mycelium hybrid. He and his fungal family are essential to life... Like everyone else, he needs connection and attention to awaken to the world: he needs love! You can interact with him by reactivating contact with his rhizomatic environment. By touching the surrounding mushrooms, Bob is stimulated and awakened, then he will perform a dance for you in the sky of the Augmented Palace.




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