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Basile Nottin, Communication and media partnership project manager at Carenews

27 June 2022 Portraits
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Graduated in 2018 from the professional degree "Project Management in Communication and Graphic Industries" of GOBELINS Paris, Basile Nottin is now "Communication and Media Partnership Projects Manager" at Carenews, the media of commitment actors.

Initially destined for horticulture, Basile became passionate about committed digital communication. He created a year ago "Les Enragés", a collective aiming at gathering committed communicators under 30 years old.




You began as a landscape architect, how did you get into digital technology and social media ?

I completed a technical diploma in landscaping and then an advanced technical certificate in gardening, but it wasn't the right fit for me. I wanted to change things and get out of my comfort zone


I did a civic service on "promoting digital technology in New Caledonia ". I spent seven months in Marée, a small island in the Pacific.


This experience allowed me to grow and develop my study project before returning to mainland France. As part of my mission, I was in charge of everything digital and social medias for the World Youth Climbing Championships. I was in charge of publishing articles and live results. This experience was very rewarding both humanly and professionally. Thanks to this experience, I went back to school in Paris to complete an advanced technical certificate in communication before enrolling in a professional degree program at Gobelins. 




You graduated from your professional degree in Project Management in Communication and Graphic Industries in 2018, what was your career path after graduation ?

I did my apprenticeship at the Fondation Avenir du Patrimoine in Paris (FAPP). My thesis was on the digitalization process of their brand image


After graduation, I continued my studies to specialize in digital communication with a master's degree in Digital Project Management and Entrepreneurship, with a specialization in digital communication. I then joined the communication team of the Cluny Museum, a very instructive and unforgettable experience.


Then I wanted to try my hand at entrepreneurship. I was selected to be part of the Matrice Patrimoine program, a technological and social innovation institute that brings together students, entrepreneurs, researchers and artists in the same community. The project was about implementing new technologies in monuments that are over 900 years old. This innovative program taught me a lot, especially that I didn't want to become an entrepreneur, at least not yet!


Soon after, I joined Carenews media. 





What does your job as project manager for communication and media partnerships at Carenews involve ?

I make sure that projects run smoothly, promote editorial content, events and media partnerships.




Can you tell us more about Carenews ?

Carenews is a media platform for those who have a positive impact on society as a whole. Our goal is to analyze and break down information, to identify trends and drive the fast-growing industry of social economy. 


Flavie Deprez and her business partner Guillaume Brault started the project seven years ago convinced that independent and quality information was essential to get people involved.


Carenews is participative, it lets everyone have their say. It is the only cross-status French media for individuals, organizations, project leaders, financiers and entrepreneurs.


We are mostly a web media. We have a team of journalists who follow the latest news in the industry and share their expertise on the matter. We also publish podcasts on topics related to the social economy and a series called "Entrepreneurité", which highlights the collective entrepreneurial adventure. Finally, we publish studies, such as "Top 50 of the most impactful entrepreneurs " and a vacation workbook on the subject. We also host conferences. 




What do you like about your job ?

Communication is about passion and meeting people, I've always been good at building and maintaining relationships. With my unusual academic and professional background, I often had impostor syndrome. Today, this background has become my strength.


With what is happening in major business and engineering schools, such as HEC and AgroParisTech, during recent graduation ceremonies... this quest for environmental meaning has become essential. I like the fact that I had the opportunity at the beginning of my career to combine social and environmental awareness with my first job. 


I am convinced these ecosystems need moments of reflection and communication. That's why I launched "Les Enragés" community a year ago with the goal of bringing together all young, committed communicators. 

If you are a former communication student under 30 years old and you are interested in these issues, come and join us!




Blou dans la nuit 

Can you share with us your best memories of your time at GOBELINS ?

Our end of year project was to create a children's book for kids. We imagined a glow in the dark book to show them the transition from day to night. The book was called "Blou dans la nuit" (Blou In The Night). We presented it at the end of the year at the International Children's Book Fair in Bologna, Italy. It was a very powerful moment. We have remained very close with my study group, we all live in the same area of Paris. 




What advice would you have for any young graduate in print and multimedia communication ?

Stay curious! Always learn new things from your peers and don't take for granted what you know. There are many ways to stay ahead of the crowd by joining communities like Les Napoléons, L'ADN le shift or Les Enragés...







Interview by Sophie Jean

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